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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up..

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up..

I want to be a well-liked and respected man in the community like my father was.

Who was my father?

  • His name is Byron Vance. He passed away a year ago on Sep. 27th.
  • Growing up it seemed like EVERYONE on the island knew my dad and that he knew everyone too.
  • He was a first responder for 30 years.

He once saved the life of a man at Disneyland. The man was going into a type of diabetic shock and starting to have seizures. My dad got something out of the park first aid box (kind of like a sugar toothpaste syrup) and emptied it into the man’s mouth. He shortly after stopped seizing and was responsive and could talk to my dad as the state paramedics showed up.

Some of my favorite memories of my dad are:

  • Spending summers with him working on the scuba boat.
  • Getting fast food at 2am after he would come home from the ambulance shift?
  • His big booming laugh in a crowded movie theater.
  • Scaring me out of the tub when I was little when he put a GIANT live crab in there with me.

It wasn’t always easy with my dad. But it made the good times that much better.

He will always be a part of Kauai. And a part of me.

I believe his spirit will live in the wind and the sea. We will never truly be apart.