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My Favorite Holiday Is..

My Favorite Holiday Is..

My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Why is Christmas my favorite holiday?

  • Because I love giving gifts and bringing joy to the ones that I love.
  • Because it is a time of year where you can focus on what is important, and that is family.
  • I love the Christmas season and seeing all of love and joy around.

Another part of why I love Christmas so much is all the amazing food that gets prepared.

A few of the things that I enjoy the most are:

  • My Mom’s stuffing that she makes
  • My Great Grandmothers special holiday Jell-O recipe, nobody makes it quite like she does.
  • Lots of mashed potatoes and gravy!
  • Holiday ham!

Above all, what I enjoy the most is seeing my loved ones happy and enjoying the Christmas season. The thing I enjoy the least is getting onto the roof and hanging the lights.